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I am wholly yours

I had written an "I hate Valentine's Day" rant, but decided against actually posting it. Just writing it made me feel better, even if it's lost forever. You can probably imagine what it said, anyway.

Not a lot going on. I'm home, and looking forward to Sunday - my only day off of school/work. Tomorrow I have a hot date with not one, but three women. One of whom is married. All of us, for whatever reason, and man-less tomorrow. I'm compensating with a short dress and a pair of particularly slutty high heels. We'll be drinking wine, singing and playing guitars, going out to dinner, and then off to see the new Anthony Hopkins werewolf movie. I'm excited.

Yeah, I still hate Valentine's Day, but I'm going to get on with it and try not be miserable. Guitars and werewolf movies are what does it for me, usually.

I got home from work today and did some much-needed cleaning. Now I'm rocking out to the David Crowder Band. Yeah, me and my Christian rock music. I can't help it. In the name if Jesus I rock.

I've got a history paper due this week, and the plan is to turn a draft in on Monday. It's on the Justinian Plague, so at least it should be sort of fun to write.

I wish that we all came equipped with a switch that enabled us to turn off our feelings. *switch*

My heart is an idiot.