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Not dead.

You know what's weird? When I'm really depressed, I avoid the telephone, don't use the internet, and generally keep to myself. When I'm really doing well, I do a lot of the same stuff. I ignore my phone and go completely without the internet. I may write a letter or two and I hang out with friends a lot, but I don't get on the computer. Consequently, I get a lot more done and I feel like I'm actually living my life instead of just wishing I was doing something else or envying other people.

I start school on Wednesday. I've got it worked out so I can be in and out with a BA in religion in about three semesters. Music school is currently on hold until further notice.

I've got a job at one of the two independent guitar shops in Raleigh. You know those small stores that are so awesome and are run either only by family members or by the owners and you find yourself thinking, "I hate retail, but I could work in a place like this"? I work in one now. And I'm making more money than I've made at any other job I've ever had. No commissions, no busy work, no phony sales pitches, no bullshit "team member" crap, no dress code... It's awesome. I get to sell stuff that people actually want and need, be completely honest with customers, and I play guitar in my downtime. Or I read a book. And my boss doesn't hassle me about it because he's too busy doing the same thing. No one says infuriating crap like, "If there's time to lean, there's time to clean!" Oh yeah, and it's within walking distance and I can get gear for 15% above cost. Is that rad or what?

I'm playing a lot of open mics and I'm finally (for real this time) recording an EP. Pretty soon, when people ask me if they can buy a CD I'll be able to say, "Sure! That'll be six dollars!" instead of, "Sorry, no, and don't bother looking for me on MySpace either, because I'm not there." In the fall, I will also start booking solo shows.

I have an etsy business. You can find me at www.shopwiddershins.etsy.com

Tomorrow I'm using my first pay check to get a bike so I can ride to school and around the city. My car is excited to have a break from the Durham commute. I know. I asked her.

I don't want to say much in case it turns out to be nothing, but I'm also competing in an open mic battle-of-the-bands-esque thing at a local venue. If I win, I'll get to go to Nashville to play for music-industry-label-type people and I'll get some recording time at a local studio. There are basically three stages of the competition and I've won stage one. The Nashville thing is too much for me to get my brain around, so I'm thinking only in terms of recording time right now.

Oh yeah, and I've got tickets to see BarlowGirl in September AND in October. Life rules right now.

In conclusion, I'm not dead. Please don't feel ignored, it's just me being a freak.